Macau Society of Civil and Structural Engineers

Macau Society of Civil and Construction Engineers (MSCSE) was established and registered in the list of Macau SAR Government since 2014.

MSCSE is classified in 5 main categories: Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Protection Engineering, Surveying Engineering and Urban Planning Engineering. The society has over 150 members who possess at least a bachelor degree, or above, in engineering.

The missions of MSCSE are: non-profit making society, sustain “One Country Two Systems”, love Motherland and Macau, make progress of communication and interflowing at local industry in the fields of engineering and construction, protect legal rights of the engineering and construction industry, enhance the connection and co-operation with various government departments, take concern and service to the society of Macau.

The management party of MSCSE includes: the General Assembly, Council and Supervisory Board.

The General Meeting has one Board President, one Deputy President and one Honorary Secretary.
The Council has one Council President, one Deputy Council Presidents, five Executive Council Members,one Honorary Secretary and twenty seven Council Members.
The Supervisory Board has one President, one Deputy President and one Honorary Secretary.

The management party is to be elected by all members every two years.

Apart from the main structure of MSCSE, there are several divisions to help to handle daily activities, such as: Junior Member Division, Academics Division, Membership Affairs Division, Connection Division, Society Affairs Division and Activity Division. Leaders of divisions are all council member.

MSCSE enhances connectivity of local engineers, the interflow and interaction of local industry of engineering, professional societies, academic departments, and government departments. The society also joins and visits the industries of engineering of “Two Straight and Four Regions”, hold various kinds of technical lectures and seminars, and to promote the professionalism and authenticity of local engineers in Macau.